Fragile Fractions comes as a Teachers's GUIDE (consisting of 33 A4 pages) and a set of classroom SLIDES (consisting of 119 individual tasks).

The GUIDE is not yet available as a printed book but can be obtained as a digital preview in the form of an A4 pdf file at the current special price of £2.

The GUIDE provides essential guidance for the SLIDES.

The classroom SLIDES are available as a pdf file for £5. This grants the individual purchaser the right to project the slides to all their students.

How to buy the GUIDE: click HERE.

How to buy the SLIDES: click HERE.

The tasks are grouped into three broad strands:
Fragile Fractions
•Fair Share Fractions
•Dotty Fractions

The first strand views fractions as parts of a whole, the second involves sharing, while the third models fractions in more abstract ways, as points in the Cartesian plane or as pairs of values on a mappin diagram or on a double number line.

The Dotty Fractions tasks are aimed at secondary school students. Most of the other tasks are suitable for upper primary as well as secondary school students.

More information about the GUIDE HERE.

More information about the SLIDES HERE.