FragileFractions - GUIDE

HOW TO BUY THE GUIDE pdf file: Click HERE.

The FragileFractions GUIDE provides a commentary on each of the 119 Fractions tasks, together with suggestions on how to use them in the classroom.

The tasks are grouped into three broad strands and a total of 21 related themes. It is for you to decide which tasks to use in any one theme, and in what order. In general we would recommend starting with a task that is not too easy! A challenging task is likely to be more intriguing than an easy one.

There are different ways of using the tasks. You might on occasion devote a whole lesson or series of
lessons to the tasks. At other times you might just use one or two tasks, to refresh students' ideas about proportion.

The extract below shows a typical page from the GUIDE (in this case the second page devoted to Theme 7).

This shows the cover page of the digital preview pdf file: