Algebradabra - student book

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ATM only publishes books for teachers, so the Student Book has been published by Dexter Graphics. The book provides a hard copy of each of the 100 Algebradabra tasks, but without the commentary or guidance.

The Student Book is especially useful when you want to give students time to explore a task on their own, in the classroom or at home, before they share their ideas. It also allows individual students to pursue a task, or set of tasks, in more depth.

Having the book also means you don't have to project (or keep projecting) the task on a screen, which can be freed-up for other uses.

It is important, though, that teachers also have the ATM book, with its commentary and guidance, so that they can mediate the tasks effectively.

The Student Book consists of 60 full-colour A5 pages and is sold in packs of 8, 16, and 24 or above. The cost of a classroom set of 24 or more books, including delivery, is equivalent to just £2.10 per book.

The cost of a pack of 8 books and 16 books is equivalent to £3.10 per book and £2.60 per book respectively.

Introductory video HERE.

This is what a double page spread looks like. The distinctive layout means that consecutive tasks are never visible at the same time. It also means that we can print the 100 tasks in a 60 page saddle-stitched A5 book to keep the purchase price as low as possible.